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Chosen funding strategies

At the very beginning of our contact with the NGO we found out they had many unmet needs. The first one about zoning laws (concerning the minimun size a house should have); the second was about funding; and the third, about a certification program for tiny houses.

We chose to work with the second one, that was described by the NGO as follows:

"Funding: As a group, we need to be able to develop a company to invest in and manage a tiny house community. Purchasing an existing space zoned for small houses seems to be the way to go, but we have not been able to get it off the ground because there is not a central management entity.”

Therefore, the different kinds of funding was the topic we learned about that most fitted the needs of the NGO. Studying the case, we chose to suggest three funding methods to the tiny housers:

1 - Crowdfunding;

2 - Sponsorship;

3 - Rent of tiny houses for living and as offices.

Working with 3 different types of funding was our strategy to diversify the NGO’s sources of income so they are well covered in this area.

The first reason I find the funding subject interesting to learn is because we were able to get to know many different types of funding and, from there, choose which ones could be successful for the NGO.

The second one is that it is impossible to any NGO to survive without some kind of funding, specially in the case of the tiny housers, that had the wish to build a physical comunity. It was a must for our group to research and inform ourselves better on funding to provide them with good solutions for their challenge.

Finally, I have to say it makes me happy to know that with the knowledge acquired by the NGO in this whole process, they will be able to, after purchasing the space to create the community, maintain it and conquer more in the future, as other desires will appear when the actual community starts running.

P.S.: Thank you to my partners from “Most Wanted” group. It was an enjoyment to work with you guys. Very proud with the final result!

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