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Without Tears

Last week, last blog. Do not know why but it felt that I did not want to write this last blog at all. I think, only one reason was that it feels sad to be done with this course. It seemed that we were growing so fast in Project Communities course. Our knowledge of online communities was getting wider and wider every single day. However, everything has the end as well as our NGO project.

Two days and we will have to deliver the results of project on which we have been working for more than 8 weeks. I already mentioned it at the beginning, that for me it feels sad that this course is almost on it finals. It was great opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience that we earned during all these  lectures, Google Hangouts with Nancy, meeting with  Carl - Peter and of course, learning from our tutors - Laura and Mathajs big THANK YOU who supported.

I remember my first blog during week one. I was so excited about starting this course and writing blogs. I was excited as much as I was nervous at the same time. Never did blogs before, did not even had idea how it should look like. More personal? More official? More professional? I was like a little girl who was scared of the dark.  And now I am looking at myself. So many blogs done, so many reports. One of them have been better other ones not that good, but most important that now I am confident in writing personal reports and finally I am felling joy by doing it.

Talking about final week, I could say that I am also proud that I was part of Group 3 - during all this time our group’s members improved their knowledge with project about passive houses, morphological design, Crowdfunding and how it affects company and etc. really fast. Journey was interesting from the start when we had this call from architecture Carl - Peter by asking to come to his company and have real meeting with him. Everything was getting more and more exciting. Of course, as in all journeys we had some adventures as well. For example, our project’s company BouwQuest have changed problem twice. For us it was scary, we had to start in the middle of the project all over from the start again. But at the same time, I think, It was one of the best lessons for us, because that is how it goes in a real designers life. Unplanned changes last minute, unsuccessful projects, unhappy customers. It is just a part of hard work.

Talking about hard work, from Carl - Peter we were asked to came up with idea how to raise awareness about morphological design and how to make insulation “sexy”. Our group chose topic - Marketing. We think that by using Online Communities in a right order we can bring solution for BouwQuest.

Firstly, these days Online Community is doing extremely big influent for companies. They are sharing knowledge, ideas. Online Communities is the best way to raise awareness about passive houses. For example, by uploading information about latest  projects of Carl - Peter to the Facebook page of BouwQuest.

Other solution for our NGO, that our group came up, is to make BouwQuest’s page more attractive for customers. For example, more information about projects, personal blogs from Carl - Peter or even design/architecture projects from personal portfolio of Carl - Peter  would bring more interest from young designers/architects. Sharing is one of the most important things if we will talk about Marketing. Make your product attractive and people will talk about it and that is how you will raise awareness about your specific and outstanding design.

All in all, I feel happy and sad at the same time. This journey was full of new experiences, adventures and challenges. I never thought that Online Communities, Networks, tools could have such a big influent in to designers life. I am really looking forward to know much more about it because this course of Project Communities brought curiosity to know much more. Big Thank You would like to say to my perfect team BEM. I appreciate of your respect, finding time, teamwork and friendship , that is how collaboration should look like. !!!  

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Well, if you would spend some time by reading  my blogs, I bet that in every single one of them you could find phrase “to be honest”. Yes, while I am writing my blogs I always try to express how I feel and always try to show to audience the way I think. Because, in my opinion, it is really important to make your blog interesting for person who reads that. And there is nothing better than just to be honest. You do not have experience about topic that you have to write about? Well, just tell it. “I have to write about it, but I have no clue what is the meaning of it.” Afterwards, you do research and at the end you just have clear vision what you have to talk about. And yes, to be honest, I had it almost every single week. And now it is week 7! Just a different thing from other week’s blogs, that this week we could call ”CONFESSION WEEK”. Groups almost reached their final presentations with their NGO projects. Only few things have to be done until reaching the end of the end.

”Confession week” and why I call it like that? In this week’s blogs we have to honestly admit what we have learned from this course? What we have learned about online communities? Networks?  What NGO project gave to us? So tell me now, you would not call it “week of confession”? I bet you will!!

I will start from myself. When we started by writing personal blogs I really did not get the point what it will give for  us? Or for me? But week after week blog’s prompts were changing and every week it was more and more challenging. It was not just answering questions or sharing my own experience. It was more like getting knowledge about online communities, Networks and etc. Because every week before I started to write my personal blogs, first thing what I always did was researches about topics that I have to talk about. Moreover, I learned not only by doing researches but also I learned a lot from my classmates as well. Every week I tried to read all group’s blogs and try to collect important information. For example, from my team I learned  a lot about Crowdfunding or Crowdsourcing.

With project communities we started easy. I mean we started from sharing our knowledge about our favorite tools and Networks. Then we moved more forward with  NGO’s Networks. We continued with Stewardship and Online Social Communities. Teamwork and how to improve it? More forward Crowdfunding Networks. And look now at us, we are in week 7! Time just ran away, it is hard to imagine how much I learned during 7 weeks. For me it looks like that just now tools, Networks opened their doors for me and asked to join the wide online communities.

Talking what I learned from online communities, I could say that I never thought that Online Communities could have such a big influence for creators or designers. For example, our NGO Carl - Peter, I think, is great person and amazing designer/architect full of even more amazing ideas in his head. For example, in our real meeting with him he gave us his passive house project visions, he shared his knowledge about morphological design and even more interesting facts. Besides that, he also talked how important is online communities where he can share his knowledge and thoughts with audience by getting reflected on his thoughts back from his audience. I never imagined that tools or Networks could play such a big role in designers or innovators lifes. Basically, by using online communities designers could find out their target groups, share their ideas and be reflected on them. They can see by using tools or Networks if their idea is working and if it is worth for realization.

Secondly, Teamwork. It was one of important things what I learned during this course. Match days, hours. Share tasks, split roles. Have meetings or hangouts. At first I thought that it will be impossible. We are all totally different with totally different free time and I thought that it will affect our team’s work.  By today I am really happy, because every time, every week we found place for our meetings. Task splitting just worked perfectly. In conclusion, I could admit that teamwork’s lesson we learned pretty well.

One of my team mates our NGO project compared with a rollercoaster. That all our trip from beginning till the end was full of ups and downs. I could not agree more than this. We started our NGO project with clear vision what we have to do, even more what Carl - Peter, our NGO expect from us for the results. In a halfway our project have been changed into totally different sphere. At the end all group’s BAM posts were full of shout outs about “sexy insulation” and how we should make it happen.??!!  We were confused, stressed and unconfident by what we supposed to do. At the last minute before holidays we had a meeting in which like grown up adults we took ourselves into a hands and came up with solutions and ideas. Hope that from now on we will move forward even faster, final is so close!! That was also one of few examples that teamwork is actually really important if you want to reach your groups goals.

At the end, I would like to say that this course of Project Communities opened my eyes for new possibilities in Online Communities. Opened my mind that tools and Networks is not just all about Facebook and Youtube. I learned that Online communities could play really big role for creators or for us, totally fresh open innovators. I am looking forward to get even more experience and that it will help me to grow together with the world.

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Crowd Fun Thing / Crowdfunding / Crowdsourcing

Just because of my unplanned trip home, unfortunately, I missed fifth Project Communities’  lecture. However, I tried to follow all information and do researches about what I missed. Apparently, week’s 5 theme was Crowdfunding/Crowsourcing. Immediately I got soooo many questions jumped in my head. What is that?! What is the difference between these two Networks?? How it works?? and etc.  I think, these questions appeared in my head, just because I thought that I never faced crowdfunding/sourcing in real life. However, in this week’s blog I would like to share my experience of these two important tools. But for now, I would like to start from MY OWN knowledge about crowdfunding/sourcing and how it looks from my point of view.

Firstly, let’s talk about Crowd Sourcing. There are enormous amount of tools where people can go and share their ideas about new projects or innovations. In my opinion, for designer, creator or innovator it is really important to share their ideas with wide world. You can play big role for people as an inspirational icon. You can face your mistakes or moreover, you can grow and improve yourself faster than others, who does not use this big opportunity - Crowsourcing! Although, there are some exceptions, for example our NGO company raise awareness for comunity about their projects and designs in their own company’s page. Also, collaboration in real life with designers, engineers, architects for Carl - Peter, company’s owner, main architect, works better than Crowdsourcing. It is faster, more clear and more professional. As an all tools, Networks, Crouwdsourcing have some disadvantages as well, for example, Crowdsourcing could be not that professional, as for people who really wants to move forward into more professional sphere.

Crowdfunding I found as a second step after Crowdsourcing. Why? I think at first, you share your idea. It is like find a place for your product in market, you find out your customers:  who are they  interested in? What average age your target is? And after your research you use Crowdfunding to raise budget to bring your idea to the real life. People starts to donate money in small increments to a project which they believe has moral and ethical value that is good for the community. For example, around six months ago I was introduced with, I think, biggest Crowdfunding tool - Kickstarter. Since then I am obsessed with this amazing tool. It is incredible how many young creators, designers could share their ideas with community and moreover be donated by community. Then innovator understands, if people donate money, it means that their idea is worth something and that it took people’s attention.

Talking about my own experience, in high school with in group of 5-6 student we came up with idea to built a cinema in our school. Idea was to show movies every Friday in the afternoon. We thought that it maybe would take students attention and we could distract them from harmful activities and bring everyone together. At first we discussed our plans with teachers, we were curious what they think about it. Second step we did, we created facebook page and posted blogs about our new idea. Most important we did not promise to students anything. We tried to get their attention and to see what they think about it. We were not sure if it is really going to work. After a few weeks our page, if I can call it ” crowdsourcing tool “was full of comments with offers, which movie to show and with questions, when we will open school ‘s cinema. Feeling was amazing. To be honest, at that time we did not even have cinema in our city so it made everyone even more  excited.

We decided to take a risk and start our project. We faced one of the biggest problems, as I think, most of the creators face. We did not have budged, but at the same time we wanted to bring our idea to the real life. We thought we could sell tickets to the movie, but then again, we would break copy right laws. One of the students came up with brilliant idea that now I would call it Crowdfunding. We announced in our page that students, teachers and parents have to donate unlimited amount of money to one of our students bank account. We wrote that you can start your donation from 0.10 cents till 5 litas. The fun part that Crowd funding actually worked. Most of the people who donated was parents, who thought, that we are bringing idea which could affect our small community in a good way. Now it is third year tradition, cinema is still working in our school every Friday!! To be honest, I can not see disadvantages of Crowdfunding. It is all about Crowd and Fun!!



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Here we are week five!! Can not believe that we are working on our project already for five weeks. It is amazing. Time just flies..

Unfortunately, for personal reasons I had to leave my group for one week and come back to my country. However, before I left I asked my team’s permission if I could leave. For others it could sound strange. “Most important that your lecturers would know that you are leaving, not your team mates” – heard this from one girl. I tried to explain:

We are part of Industrial Design Engineering. What I learned so far from this course is that teamwork and collaboration plays a big role in this program.

Everything started on Introduction week, when we had to work in small groups with a different people every single time. Working in teams helped us to know each other better. It helped me to remember names or faces faster. On the last day of Introduction week we were separated in smaller groups for NGO project. To be honest I was excited about my team members, because I knew that we will spend 10 weeks together and we will work on one big project. For me it was important how my team will be like. At the beginning, we were with 4 of us. I thought OK, we are 4, other teams more then with 5. I did not feel disappointed. Actually, I was happy. I always thought that to work in smaller group is easier. Less people, less different points. However, on the next week in class I saw new people who joined our group (Maartje, Stefan, Claire). To be honest I was a bit scared. More people?! It could make things more difficult.

It is funny, hah. We are on week 5 and I could not imagine group “BEM” without these three lovely people.!! Further, I could not be more happy and lucky with my teammates. We just have this connection.

I could mark most important facts about our team that makes us collaborate and do progress.

• We respect each other.

• Attend appointments, meetings.

• Respect each other’s cultural differences.

• We know when it is time to relax and joke around and when we have to work seriously and concentrated.

• Every of us come up with brilliant ideas.

• From the first meeting we separated roles.

• We spend some extra free time after classes. ( I see us not just teammates but also as a friends after classes)

In my opinion, all these reasons makes us team “BEM” – We are strong, we are confident and we collaborate!!!!!

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This week on Project Communities we talked about Me, We and Networks. Within our groups we tried to understand how these three words are working for our NGO project. To be more specific, me and my group tried to make mind-map to answer all our questions how ME, WE, NETWORKS collaborates with our NGO.

What ME (I) as a student could do personal to make collaboration with company effective? Because I think if we want to reach some goals at first we have to start it from ourselves. Maybe it could be sharing my interests?

What WE as a group could bring to our NGO company? Creativity?

And finally what kind of NETWORKS would help us to collaborate? Facebook? Skype?

However, we are talking about collaboration, so it would not work if NGO would give us nothing back. That is the moment when you can use your imagination. For example, if you would be NGO what could you offer to ME? Maybe you would share your knowledge?

How about, what could you bring for US (WE)? Worksops?

Via which NETWORKS would you use to collaborate with? Maybe it would be your own Website?

So, all these questions are jumping in my head. With our mind-map we tried to answer as much as we understood. I really hope that we are moving to the right direction.

To movie on, on my blog I would like to share my own experience with Networks. Before start of writing blog I was thinking, what is the main differences between Networks and tools? Or what is the difference between Network and Internet? These terms of words seemed a bit confusing to me. However, I tried to do some researches about meaning  of word - tools, Networks and Internet. I would like to share some knowledge and results of my researches, so I hope if someone is also struggling with same questions my information would be useful for some of you.

Firstly, Internet is one of the part of Computer Networks. There are three types of Computer Networks. LAN (Local Area Network) - where you can communicate only within some desired distance. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) - where you can communicate within a city. Third one is WAN (Wide Area Network) - where you can communicate within the entire world. Internet belongs to the third type of Network . This information helped me to understand more about how and when I should use word Network. So, now when I understood the meaning of Networks I could share my own experience.


In my previous blog I talked about Me and Networks, how I use tools for my person interests. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or WhatsApp. These tools let me to communicate with people in the entire world. Facebook, WhatsApp, helps me to contact my friend or family even when I am far away from home. I use skype for video calls and meetings with people. Youtube, most of the time I use it as a tool to create my playlists or listen to the music. These all Networks is my private field where I can be individual.


We and Networks, I think it is a wider field where I can be part of big informational sources, communities, forums. I use wider Networks to make relationship with people who has the same interests and are open to share their knowledge. To be honest I am totally new when we are talking about defined or bounded groups. So my experience level is not that high. I use Facebook group Open Innovators. I really enjoy being a member of this group, because people from same group are sharing a lot of useful information or their experience. And the most important  thing that all members of group Open Innovators have same interest so every post or blog is useful for me as well. Second Network that I use as Informational source is TED. You can find videos about almost all topics that you are interested in. For example, I watched almost all inspirational speeches from people around the world. That is my interest and this Networks is place where I can find it and moreover I can comment and make discussions with people about Video that I watched and it is also same, sharing your knowledge and interests in a wider field.

Third and I guess the most comfortable Network that I use is BBC page. There I can find most popular news around the world. It is enormous  informational source where you can choose news from specific places or specific topics that you are interested in. Without informational perspective I also enjoy reading comments and see how people react into a different situations from totally different point of view.

That is all my experience and knowledge of using Networks. I hope to improve myself in wider fields after reading your blogs guys!


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My Knowledge of ‘Tools’

Hello everyone!

First of all I am so glad to meet you all in our third week of Industrial Design Engineering course. And even more I feel happy of having opportunity to read all of your blogs. Some of them gave me a lot of useful information about blogging, teamwork, some new tools that I am looking forward to work on and also our NGO project.

I would like to start with some short reflection of previous lectures. As I mentioned in my last blog the first NGO project that was given to us for Project Communities seemed really like a dark forest to me. The whole information about BouwQuest (that is the NGO company what our team is working on) seemed really confusing at that time. But to be honest, this week made my life so much easier. What I am trying to say is that, during this third week with a help of my team members, spidergram and with  the hangout with Nancy I got the answers to almost all questions I had. For example, I learned more about our project’s company, I had opportunity to analyzed it. By doing Spidergram I understood our teams weakest parts and what we have to change if we want to move on. Furthermore, our third week was about exploring the practice of technology stewardship and trying to know some  Social Networks better. So, to move on,  I will try to share my own experience in Social Networks.

I will be straight and honest. My knowledge of tools is not at a very high level. Most of the time I use them for my personal needs. For example:



Since I came to The Netherlands I faced that Skype Network could be used not only just for the conversations with your family or friends. I had opportunity to be a part of my Mum’s birthday. You would like to know how creative my family is?! During the birthday party everything was nice like every normal B.Day.  Big table surrounded by my family, with a lot of tasty food, wine and champagne glasses. Just the only thing that was different from the other times, that at the end of the table was laptop with open Skype conversation and my face on the screen. That was such a nice experience, because this tool helped me to be a part of the family even when I was thousand miles away from home. So with this story I would offer you to try it once if you are far away from home. Believe me it helps!!!

Without my personal experience, I am really looking forward to use Skype as a helpful Social Network for our NGO project. In our team plans was included first Skype meeting with our NGO company. However, we got the opportunity to have this meeting in face to face with the owner of BouwQuest. So I am really ecxited to use Skype for the following Meetings!!!!


I think Youtube is the most important tool for me at the moment! Not just because you can listen for all types of music, but just because it helps me to learn, to share my experience, and to share my music with other people. And those things are really important for me. Maybe because music takes a big part in my life. Besides, I started to learn how to play piano, guitar just by the simple Youtube video clips.

I also would like to share my first experience by trying to create video clip and post it on Youtube. If you will have some more extra time you can became part of my Youtube channel just by watching it!


That is it for my blog for the third week, in which I shared my knowledge about the main  tools which I am using and what kind of role these tools are playing in my life at the moment. And the most importan, I hope my blog will gave some useful information to YOU!

 Thanks and see you! Ciao.:)

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First Experience with Project Communities!

Hello everyone,

To be honest it is hard for me to stay open when my thoughts could be read anywhere and by everyone in the entire “ONLINE WORLD”. This is why writing blogs is a big challenge for me. On the other hand, I see it as a good opportunity to improve my thought and ideas for my new study program Industrial Design Engineering. To reflect previous week of IDE, I learned that if I want so succeed I will have to overstep my boundaries and get out of my comfort zone.

This week we already started Project communities. At the moment it is a bit confusing. As I understood we will work with a real company and we will try helping them solve the problem that they have.  From this project I’m looking forward to learning:

Team work

How to motivate myself to reach higher goals in life.

Get more experienced working with real life clients.

Learn how to ask questions and to use them as answers for my future uncertainties.

Learn about research, how it works, how to reach better results.

Learn how community and networks could help me to improve as a designer.

I also have been asked how I can help NGO, but this question is still not clear to me, but I’m looking forward to get answers for all these questions and share them with you on my next blog..!!

Cheers, Lina. xx

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My own Online Space.

These days more and more people are becoming addicted from the Internet. Some people think that excessive using of Internet will make new ‘brain-dead’ generation of children. Trevor Baylis, who invented the wind-up radio, said children are losing creativity and practical skills because they spend too much time in front of screens. But I disagree with this opinion of Baylis. I think that actually children who are using the tools, and Networks are becoming more creative. Yes, of course it may harm communication skills, but it’s better to communicate via Internet with someone when not communicate at all. With this little introduction I want o start talking about my online space and how I am using it for my individual needs.

As I wrote in my last blog I prefer using such tools as Facebook and WhatsApp. They let me communicate, follow or collect information about the people who are important for me. Also I could share my experience with other. For example music, news and stuff that I am interested in.
 However as an individual online space also I use Instagram. Maybe the fact why I spend this program less time is because I don’t have opportunity to communicate via this program. But again, I could follow my friends and people who are interesting for me.

Talking about network which is the most valuable for me is ‘YOUTUBE’.

  • Easy to use it
  • I could collect information (For example, add list with my favourite music, share playlists or even create folders for my own stuff.)
  • Also I could be added to the groups, of course it is not bounded, but anyway being in such groups as ‘BBC’ let me receive information about the new faster, because just entire the main page I could see the latest shared videos.

Thanks for attention.Bye:))

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Week 3. My knowledge of ‘tools`..!

Hey Everyone!

My blog for the third week I’ll start with a short introduction of the last week’s results (what was interesting for me/which new skills I received during the classes).

  • GOOGLE HANGOUT - It was really FUN (It’s amazing, because we were 10 groups in different places, but we could talk, laugh, and learn new thing just each from other at the same time!)   / IMPORTANT (I have never had opportunity to use programs like this before, so for me it was new a VERY IMPORTANT skill that I received during the IDE course.:)) / USEFUL. (Now, then I understood how this program works, I could not just make conversations among all my friend, but, above all, me and my DREAM TEAM 4, could use this program  for meetings and it will certainly will help us to reach more goals working with project.)                                
  • TEAM WORK - strong relationships among group members (Thank you guys, we had a really good time together.!) - It helps to understand each others opinion, aims and it helps to grow up as a team. Also, one of the groups member introduced us with new tool, which is very helpful (we could create our groups notes (what we have to do/what we have done and etc.) What is important talking about SHARING OUR KNOWLEDGE.

  • SPIDER GRAM - Honestly, at first I didn’t get it why we are doing this gram. However, during the task, I started to understood how actually this is important. At first, I realised how my colleagues understand the necessity of team work, relationships and etc. and of course how our project is important for them.:)))

                                    Talking about WEEK 3.

I’ll be straight and honest. My knowledge of tools isn’t at a very high level.

As almost all people in the world, I am using Facebook too.. It lets me to communicate with my all friends (all? yes all. because all of them are using this tool. I think it’s crazy.). As I said, it lets me to communicate with ALL my friends, no matter where they are, and what they are doing at the moment. Without communication, I also could received a lot of information from Facebook. For example, Where are the people at the moment. Whose lost the game. Who is not in the mood and so on and so on. But in fact the main thing why I am suing this it’s because I could keep in touch with the people who are important for me.

I’m not sure if I could learn my class mates something new with this tool, but.. If you want to, just ask! hahaha.

Second tools:  INSTAGRAM, WhatsApp.

I love use them, because it’s easy to understand how it works and also it gives me a lot of information about what is happening in the world around me. Talking about WhatsApp - It’s the most easy way to communicate with people. (also I like the smiles there! they are so cute.):)) - The most important tool for me!

It lets me not just to listening to the music, but also it helps me to learn, to share my experience, and to share my music with other people.
I started to learn how to play piano, guitar just with the simple youtube’s clips, but because of this tool, I started to take music as a very serious thing in my life. Soo, Thank You Youtube!:D

That’s it for my blog in which I shared my knowledge about the main  tools which I’m using and what role these tools are playing in my life this moment. Thanks and see you! Ciao.:)

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TUMBLR. checked!

TUMBLR. checked!:

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