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Use of technology

When it comes to technology i am usually negative about it because i am not the biggest fan of computers or smartphones. Why? This picture illustrates my opinion perfectly (i didn’t draw it).

Don’t you think the same?

Buuut when it comes to use of technology during the studies i am up for it. That’s where i will focus in this blog, on the online tools in order to improve my work and group work in school.

All my life i was using Skype in order to call somebody online or send files and Facebook to chat. These two I guess are the most simple ways to communicate but now i understand that they are not the most effective. 

After I started to work with my group I had to start using the same online tools in order to interact with my group members. I did not have any preferences while choosing a tool so team decided to use Slack in order to chat, send files, make appointments. In my opinion it is way better than Facebook when it comes to school assignments. For instance, when I use Slack for chatting instead of Facebook I can fully concentrate on my conversation and don’t get distracted by other notifications or messages (what is likely to happen on Facebook).

Also, I started to use Google + (Google Hangout) instead of Skype. But i started to do it earlier, because Google Hangout allowed more participants to hangout while using cameras while Skype was asking for a fee. (From now on Skype made it free also. I guess it was the consequences of free Google Hangout, what do u think guys?

C U <3

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