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The Debut of the Victorian Reproduction Tiny House

As I outlined yesterday, the last 4 months have been spent- every waking, non-working, non-raining hour- has been spent getting the tiny house ready for it’s reenacting debut.  Go back to the beginning and my whole plan has been to build this and avoid the 4-6 hour set up of my tent compound.  So much physical and emotional stock was set on getting the tiny house to a reenactment and setting up a period homestead.

I left Sanford at 3:30am last Friday morning headed for Olustee and the scheduled debut.  I had sent out a number of emails and Facebook polls to fellow reenactors about the design and color of the house and overall had very positive responses to what I was doing, so I did not anticipate any issues with my peeps in Civilian Camp.

What I had not prepared for was the reaction of the Olustee Park manager.

The house traveled like a dream as did my new truck Betty Boop.  We rolled into Olustee at 7:30 am.  There was no one at registration so I filled my water tank and headed on back to Civilian Camp.  Several people had coordinated a parking space for me the day before, so I quietly rolled in, unhooked and set up- an “A” frame tent over the tongue and black burlap stapled over the sides and wheels of the trailer.  Within 10 minutes we were set up and ready to start getting changed for the “School Day”, about 2000 kids on field trips to the site.

2015-02-13 10.38.13

The first sign anything was amiss was the overall commander for the event came over and said the park service was “concerned” about the tiny house and had asked him to speak to me.  So I was to consider myself “spoken to”, but he liked it and I didn’t need to move it.  So I continued unloading and setting up.  Along about about 8:30, the park manager rolls up in her golf cart.  You can see where this is going….

I was told I had to move this.  Why? ” Well what if everyone starts to do this?”  Well, that’s kinda sorta been the idea.  “Well, the park service didn’t approve this.”  Well, they knew about it (she is new) and they didn’t disapprove it, and they have invited me to bring it to other events.  “Do you have a letter giving permission?”  Well, no.  “Then you need to move it.  IT IS TOO HEAVY FOR THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE.  You have to move it to modern camping (also an archaeological site) NOW”.  This said as the afore-mentioned 2000 kids are pouring into the park. This also said with a straight face as we are looking at the 6 sets of bleachers, several other half ton and 3/4 ton trucks, and the portable stage that are also currently sitting on said archaeological site….  Never asked how much it weighs (6000 lbs) just move it….

Well, as you can imagine, I was emailing and messaging all of the higher-ups I know in the park service trying to get her mind changed for her, but being in the same position as those higher ups and supporting MY staff in similar situations (even when they are sometimes wrong) not holding out much hope.  Out of safety (and stubborness) I decided not to move until after the school day, and we had a great time showing the kids the tiny house and talking about life in Victorian times.  My grandkids from Atlanta came and played and it was just a really nice day.

2015-02-13 13.36.31

2015-02-13 10.18.42

Friends came to visit2015-02-13 13.48.35

2015-02-13 11.39.36

2015-02-13 13.46.15

Water was pumped     from the well….

The members of the 2015-02-13 13.12.16Golden Teacup Society gathered in Solidarity….

Just a nice morning.  But the reprieve did not come from Tallahassee, and so I was banished to Modern Camp.

…. Where we 2015-02-14 12.03.05were very well received, but asked over and over why we were not in Authentic Camp.  And so we were able to tell the story- over and over and over- about the small minded park manager and the “too heavy for an archaeological site” determination to a very receptive audience.  It was a blessing in disguise.  People that mattered- other reenactors and a lot of CSO members who would not have seen us otherwise- came by.  Sutlers.  Followers of my Facebook2015-02-14 13.11.45 Page went looking for us in authentic camp then complained to management that we weren’t there.  It was an awesome backfiring of whatever her agenda was, and we had a wonderful weekend and successful debut.  I found I am very thankful for the show “Tiny House Nation”, as I can start mid-conversation with people- they already know what tiny houses are now!  I heard lots of “I am going to build one of those for next year”.  I told them we would need to start a “movement” :)  End result- 2 archaeologists have stated that there would be minimal impact to the site from my house, especially considering the controlled burns (15,000 lb trucks), Port-o-let disposal trucks (10,000 lbs plus poop), 6 sets of bleaches with about 250 people in each set (45,000 lbs each).  Offers of peacemaking from several fronts and an established group aiming for a “town” next year.  2015-02-15 08.53.13

Probably the funniest thing that happened was a couple ladies in way-too-long skirts were walking by staring and one stepped on the other’s skirt and tore it right off the waistband.  Hopefully that will make her shorten up that skirt to where it needs to be (4″ off the ground) but probably not.  I have fought the farb battle for years, I am moving on the the tiny house battle now!

Monday morning the adventure continued as we packed up (another 15 minutes vs the old 4 hours with tents) and rolled out to Jacksonville.  We came in on Beaver Street, turned onto Main Street and rolled right through downtown.  It was really fun- lots of people slowing down and turning around and picture taking and thumbs up.  A guy pulled up beside me at a light and asked if I had built it.  Yes.  Did I do it for a living.  No.  Could I build him one.  Nooooo and the light changed to green……

We visited my old stomping grounds at MOSH, 2015-02-16 11.01.27my mom, my friend Jake, Aurora’s friend from our old neighborhood,  my friend Karen who lives in a tiny house on a foundation, and Alpine Groves Park where I get a lot of my inspiration from.  Then we rolled on through a perfect Sunset and home to Sanford.  The house traveled beautifully, the truck pulled smoothly, we’ve been invited to a number of other events, we had way more thumbs up than the other direction and all in all, it was a very successful roll out.

Now to finish th2015-02-16 18.02.28e porch, battens, kitchen window, shed, lattice, THEN start on the interior…….

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What to focus on?

Having not opened communication with our NGO, it has if anything created more work for us to do. Our group is very eager to get their teeth stuck in to this assignment, knowing we only have a few weeks to put forth our recommendations. We’ve been busy looking at many possible solutions to problems the NGO may or may not have. But this is quite laborious and is certainly not an efficient way of going about our work. Nancy reminded us today not to try and fix everything in the world. We should really hone in on one main problem and put all our efforts there. That being the case, we’ll really push forward with our efforts this week in communicating with our client. 

Today we’ve been discussing stewarding technologies for communities. The right online platform can really help to serve a groups needs. For instance, a facebook group may be ideal for our clients objectives. A spidergram is a neat way to establish which activities of a group are important and so give a good indication to which technology would be appropriate. It would be useful to find out information such as if the community would like to be part of a larger network or are they interested in new tools? Hopefully after a few questions like these and a few more video calls to Seattle we’ll come up with an excellent recommendation for Tiny Houses!

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A boat in the woods

That’s something weird to say, I know. Let me explain. “Being like a boat in the woods” is the translation of an italian proverb that indicates something that is growing up in the wrong or without context. When you find yourself in this situation you feel that everything you want to do is possible but not sure and you live in a situation of deep uncertainty.

That is today’s topic for me, the need of a context. In our situation it can be clear only after having talked with the NGO that has not answered yet. Why we need it? Well, we worked a lot and found great ideas and solutions, even detailed ideas like renting Tiny Houses to increase the NGO income and gather supporters all around the world, creating events in the camp and a web platform that can connect different communities, organize builders and certifiers, etc… We thought also to a eggs’ hunt for Easter (that is too much, I know but when you start it is difficult to stop). However we miss the context: what are they already doing as activities? What can they do and what they can’t? What is their technology level and competence? Without these informations our work is stuck.

On the other hand we can see positive facts. First of all we had our first Hangout with Nancy, we managed to make Google Hangouts work (that wasn’t so obvious) and we got a lot of suggestions about how to proceed so thank you very much Nancy (probably we are going to call you maaany times). 

The second important thing is that we have tons and tons of ideas and my group is able to produce them with an impressive rate.

So, how can I resume our position? Well, we are stuck, yes and we miss the context because we need to call the NGO. However we are involved, we are collecting informations from websites and facebook (I love the website with all the tiny houses and their interiors, they are so cozy!) and the most important thing is that when we will have the context we will be ready to provide great solutions and a complete plan to make this organization bigger and trendy (Laura suggested us this word and I think it is great to make people being involved in the Tiny Houses community)!

Now I will go back to my homework for Personal Branding course and I leave you with a picture of my motivation and productivity provider. Stay connected and wait for the next posts!

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“Twerking Icecream” – style video

Wow, first week is done and we are starting meetings and sharing mails with NGO. We have some great ideas that you will love and we plan to make a great video! Anyone would recommend a particular software and a clear tutorial? We were thinking about iMovie and illustrator/photoshop to make drawings but if there are other methods they are gladly accepted! We will come out with some definitive idea since this week, so stay connected and be impatient for group1’s results!

I leave you with this great and communicative .gif by Katy Perry that would be amazing as a video style! What do you think about it?

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: A road to the plain