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I Usually Say Stay Hungry but Today I’d Say STAY AWAKE

It is the last week of this module and I have to say I am very very very tired to the point that I’m stupid.


If you want to know what I am like in this very moment, this gif is on point.

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I think I disconnected my brain with the rest of my anatomy and my grammar is going to be really bad starting from this sentence as a result.


 And I laugh at pretty much everything tonight, like this gif I casually found on google.

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Alright, time to get serious, I chose the original prompt rather than the alternative one. For me personally the most relevant theme for our NGO and for our project is the 4th theme which was: 

Week 7: Theme 4 – Marketing/User/Customer Support Communities

First of all, the theme implies a marketing strategy and the strategy is about gaining access to potential users. Our project is about having people gathered to share their ideas and stories to each other and in order to do that one needs to be experienced and is actually committed to the website itself. So it is really important to find the right users for this project.

Secondly, it talks about users’ feedbacks, feedbacks are really good for every aspect in life (here’s why!) and it plays an important role as well in our project, in fact we have to do some experiments with the webpage and select the right approach for our users (this is a long term to do list for our NGO). In this particular case we need feedbacks and comments, whether the approach works or not, is the webpage good enough or needs some improvements.

Lastly, because our NGO has been busy for the past three weeks it’s really important for us to research about customer support communities and see if we could implement the ideas we have in our mind to real life.

"Who or what you think will play a key role towards success during the process?"


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I think as long as we go together as a group and respect each other and each other’s opinions we’re going to solve this and go through all of the problems, I learnt so much from this group work and I even improved on certain things especially I learnt to just say my thoughts even if it sounds stupid. Back in my country (at least where I grew up) if we ask “stupid” questions they’d yell "Do you know how to think before you open your mouth?" at us so I’m so used to shut my mouth although my thoughts are screaming around, but because of this experience I realised that every idea, every question, and every thought is relevant to be said out loud.

We came to a conclusion that we are still going to assume things for Maarten because he has been busy but we do know that he is a man with a big vision and we are assuming things about what he would like based mainly on his vision. We talked to him thrice and we actually could grasp what he wants for this project and we finally formed our advises which you all are going to watch it on the video :] <—- that is a smirk, just so you know.

That’s it for this week, have a nice day!

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